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Hip hop

Freestyle / street show

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Artistic dance

Dacne disciplines

National / folklor / etno

Classical ballet

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Rules of festival

Dance Fest Novi Sad

  1. In all dance disciplines on DFNS, variations are allowed by regulations of dance associations you’re competing.
  2. Strictly stick to your time limit of your choreographers.
  3. 30 minutes before the performance be ready behind the scenes to perform.
  4. Follow the schedule of the DFNS in case of any changes and possible earlier performance.
  5. Flammable resources, fire, pyrotechnics, are not allowed on the scene.
  6. In case of any problem, you need to consult scorer’s table and contact the organizer.
  7. Entrance to scorer’s table and contact with jury is not allowed.
  8. Unsporting behavior is not allowed and will not be tolerated.
  9. Meeting other members and spreading positive energy is allowed and encouraged.
  10. Entrance to scorer’s table is strictly restricted.
  11. In case of injury any of the participants, immediately inform the organizer so they can provide medical help.


solo ( 1 )
duo / trio ( 2-3 )
group ( 4-9 )
team ( 10-15 )
formation ( 16-30 )
production ( 31+ )

Age limit

babies ( 1-3 )
mini ( 4-6 )
kids ( 7-10 )
junior I ( 11-14 )
junior II ( 15-17 )
senior ( 18-29 )
adults ( 30-39 )
veterans ( 40+ )

Time limit

solo ( 1-2:30 )
duo / trio ( 1-2:30 )
group ( 2-3:30 )
team ( 2-3:30 )
formation ( 2:30-4 )
production ( 3-5 )

Grades judge and

criteria for dance disciplines

  1. 1,2,3,4,5,6,8 is ranked by the judge’s grades
  2. Grades are between 1-10 from three to five judges and with sum of those grades we get the total number of points and placement of individual or the team.
  3. Criteria for grading is: costumes, music, technique, overall impression on the scene, show.
  4. Judges are reputable experts

Judge criteria for

special awards

  1. Special awards solo, duo/trio, is determined by a maximum number of points from three days of DFNS by jury.
  2. Special prizes for solo, duo / trio, awarded the third day DFNS of the official awards ceremony.
  3. Best groups and formations for gala night is determined by a maximum number of points from three days of DFNS by jury.
  4. Complete special award ceremony covers tv, radio and newspaper teams.

Grades judge and

criteria for gala night, TOP 20 / TOP 4

  1. Judges of gala night are reputable experts.
  2. Grading system top 20 – first round – secret voting and total number of points is summed up and first 4 go into second round.
  3. The top 4 rating – after playing the second time, is rated publicly on the LED screen of the DFNS scene.
  4. Criteria for grading the best choreography is: costume, music, technique, overall impression on the scene, show.