Lokacija: Spens, Novi Sad

About festival


Dance Fest Novi Sad

is one of the leading renowned dance manifestations that connects dance enthusiasts, dancers, coaches, choreographers and world class experts coming from this area. The goal of this festival is to create atmosphere to promote young talents and authors, exchange of ideas and support dance artists as well as dance art. All participants will have a chance besides dance, to show their national, traditional and cultural heritage.This festival has competitive and entertaining character.The organizers goal is to give and support tolerance and coexistence, as well as cherishing multicultural heritage in a city like Novi Sad. This festival is intended for kids and youth, but also parents, teachers and all people that take care of health and proper development of children and guidance on good cultural activities.Besides competing in various dance categories, participants will be provided with everything to have a nice stay in our city. Festival program has activities out of scene that features educational seminars, club presentations and sightseeing of the city.

4000 Dancers
5000 Audience
20 Countries


DANCE FEST NOVI SAD was first time organized on November 8th 2009 without the support of commercial media and sponsors, with high level of enthusiasm and wish to. Help develop physically and mentally healthy kids that will have a postive image about themselves and the world that surrounds them. Create and implement program that will promote and popularize dance, constantly upgrading, educating, connecting everything to a wider audience. DANCE FEST NOVI SAD has started as a regional festival and in just ten years it has become not only important festival in Europe, but in the world.


As an indicator of festival growth, we can take an increasing interest of professional community for participating in festival, so this year we have a jury which consists of international dance experts, which names will be published later on. DANCE FEST NOVI SAD will be held for the fourteenth year in a row in sports-recreational center "Vojvodina" (SPENS). The right to participate have all dance studios, schools, groups, or individuals, no matter what country or what dance league or association they come from. This festival welcomes all people of goodwill and positive energy.


2019/10/25 Dance Fest Novi Sad